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Arizona contractors are seeking experienced tradesmen for the largest commercial projects of 2023 and beyond.

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3+ Years Exp.


3+ Years Exp.


3+ Years Exp.


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Journeymen welding

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Are you an experienced journeyperson looking for a career that gives you the wages you deserve, health benefits, and a comfortable retirement? Apply to become an elite tradesmen of U.A. Local 469 and start building your future in Arizona.

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Our journeymen make $43.90 per hour with annual increases every July, and everyone is paid weekly.

Our health insurance premiums are paid by the contractor, which means they do not come out of your hourly wage. Our health insurance plan covers you, your spouse, and all children, and includes major medical, dental, and vision.

Construction in Arizona has never been better, and looks to continue to be robust for quite some time. A lot of our work takes place in large semiconductor factories, and those facilities are constantly building and retooling which creates an unending need for quality pipefitters, welders, and plumbers.

If you’ve been working for at least three years as a pipefitter, pipe welder, or plumber, you are likely qualified – just click the link below and someone will be in touch with you with more information. We are also looking for CAD/BIM detailers with at least six months experience – click the link and see if this would be the right move for you.

Get Paid to Train

If you don’t have 5+ years of experience but would like more information on our Paid Apprenticeship Program