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Are you an experienced journeyperson looking for a career that pays you the wages you deserve, and provides health benefits and a comfortable retirement? Join UA Local 469 and build your future while you build Arizona.

  • Competitive pay
  • Secure retirement
  • Worker protections
  • Member and family activities
  • Outstanding benefits
  • Free training
  • Safe job sites

Do You Have 5+ Years of Experience?

Contact UA Local 469’s Organizing Department to get started.

Chad Jessee (480) 459-1761
Justin Langdon (602) 781-9156

Robert Sena (602) 448-4702


Christian Najera, Journeyperson

Benefits, retirement, growth – that is what comes to mind when I think about Local 469. I wanted to ensure that I would have a steady retirement income, when I come of age, as well as be able to leave something for those who I love and matter to me.  Since joining and being a member for the last two years and a half, I can see that I made the right choice and the fruits of my labor are being enjoyed by my family.  It really allowed me to achieve goals that were laid out a lot sooner than planned and it really assisted me in elevating my skills sets by working with those brothers and sisters who work at a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

Deisy Gonzalez, Journeyperson

Joining the union has completely changed my life. I feel greatly supported, secure and professionally trained. I’ve accomplished some of my dreams because of the union. I definitely recommend joining the union for many reasons, but the main one being personally, as a woman, you get all the support you need.”

Maurice Thomas, Journeyperson

Joining Local 469 opened up many new opportunities for me and my family. The health insurance and other benefits we get really put us in a good spot financially.”

Marlon Pullins, Arizona BIM & Fabrication LLC

I decided that for my company working with the local 469 offered more for startup businesses. I like the idea of business introductions that the Local 469 Business Development Team would setup for me. As a small business with a limited budget, to have this team assist you along the way in capturing new work was key. In addition to hands-on plumbing and piping training, doing BIM training on-site and being able to get BIM-trained people when needed, is a benefit. There’s no need to have an outside hiring agency.

Mike Vera, Journeyperson

Thanks to Local 469 I’ve been able to advance my career with the education and training the UA has to offer. I recommend joining to those looking for a better quality of life.” 

Geoff Faraci, Plumboligist LLC!

I joined local 469 in 2017 because there are so many opportunities. Local 469 will help you hone and expand your skill set so you become an asset. When you Join the Union you help yourself and not just ‘the Man’! Through the business training offered to members I was able to start my own Union Plumbing Business.”

Tatiana Knaub, Journeyperson

UA Local 469 has provided me with the chance to continue learning and growing within my profession.

Daniel Gonzalez, Journeyperson

I joined Local 469 in 2019 and it was one of the best career choices that I made for me and my family. You are taking care of yourself and your family as well and joining a brotherhood that you can depend on.